Ten Inch Letter Sets



Recently, we had a little confusion with a customer.  They ordered our 10 inch letter set.  (Our letter panel is 10 inches, and the actual letter is 9 inches.  Our 8 inch letters have a panel of 7 15/16th inches with a letter of about 7 inches.  The 16 inch and 20 inch letters work out similarly.)  After they received our letters, we received an email back from them saying, “They don’t fit.”  Once they sent a sample of their existing letter set, it all made sense.

Our letter sets are made with black coroplast and a heavy duty fluorescent vinyl.  The black letter panels are cut to the correct size and the plotter-cut fluorescent vinyl is applied to the letter panel.  (See the smaller “N” above.”)  Another way of providing similar letters involves using a printer.  The letter above on the right is done on a printer.  It is printed on white coroplast.  The letters I sell are the letter sets developed by the gentlemen who held the black sign patent. (#6,108,955)

Bottom Line:  Both letter sets will work, but do to the printing process, the vinyl letter is likely to take a longer time to fade.  (Possible lasting 3 or 4 times longer)  SignsSeen can do different fonts on our letters sets.  If you are interested, please contact us!


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