Specifications On Our Fluorescent Vinyl

The vinyl we use outlast any other vinyls we have tried.  It does cost more, but we believe its life span makes its cost well worth it.

We do stock 5 of the 6 standard colors:  (We do not stock the blue.  If requested, for a large enough order, we could also stock.  The fluorescent blue is really to dark to show up well on black, but it would work on white coroplast.)

  • Yellow
  • Pink (Fuchsia)
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green




The Neons are a high performance cast vinyl fluorescent film series providing dynamic graphic accents for indoor and outdoor uses. It can be used for marine applications, automotive aftermarket windshield graphics and accent strips, retail window signage, trade show exhibits, and point-of-purchase displays.


  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Point-of-purchase displays


  • Unique colorant system for enhanced visual impact and exceptional opacity
  • 6 Standard colors


  • Color and Finish 3.8 mil High Gloss cast vinyl
  • Adhesive Permanent Acrylic (528A Adhesive)
  • Liner 78# Kraft


  • Average Adhesion Values 20 min. 24 hr.
  • (PSTC-1, 180° peel @ 10”/min., 73°F, on Stainless Steel) 50 oz. 72 oz.
  • Minimum Application Temperature 40°F
  • Service Temperature Range (peak values) -50°F to +225°F
  • Elongation 80%
  • Dimensional Stability (48 hrs. @ 150°F) .025”
  • Shelf Life (@ 73°F, 50% RH) 1 year
  • Outdoor Life 2 years for vertical exposure in a temperate climate. Exposures less than vertical or in hot climates or near sources of heat such as engines will reduce durability


  • Distilled water (24 hrs) No effect
  • SAE 20 motor oil (1hr) No effect
  • Gasoline (10 min.) No effect
  • 10% HCL (10 min.) No effect
  • 10% NH4OH (10 min.) No effect
  • The above information is based on research believed to be reliable, but does not constitute a warranty.
  • All material should be tested by the purchaser to determine suitability of the product for their purposes.



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