Give Them What They Want



Sometimes a customer wants something a little bit different.  Sometimes you may try and tell them your pride is on the line if you put up a message that looks like you ran out of letters.  And, sometimes they are just proving to you they have some creativity in creating their messages.  This message is one of those situations.  The customer is highlighting “IRS” and tax day in the middle of the month.  If there is any “sign code” here, it is an obvious one.

What if your customer wants a message that to you looks disjointed and lacking cohesion?  You can provide a little bit of guidance, but ultimately, it is there message.  If they mess it up, you can pull out the part of the sales pitch we don’t often broadcast, “If wanted, we provide one free message change during the month.”   Since the goal is a happy customer, you need to make them happy.  Next time they consider a message offending your sign logic, you can use some of those credibility points you one for not charging them for the message change.  (This customer has been renting for quite a while.   They knew what they wanted.)



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