DIY Project – Bring Your Stapler

2015033195160900 2015033195160917

Spoke to a customer a couple of weeks ago.  They wanted to build their own sign.  So, we gave them the advice they needed.  We sold them the letter track and the letters.  And, we curiously waited to see if we would get a report of how it worked out.

A few days after we sent them their “stuff” we got these pictures.  The were very “happy” and “pleased” with the results.  In our busyness, we neglected to get the pictures up right away.  A couple days after the pictures arrived, we received a call.  The caulk they used to adhere the sign track to the board was pulling loose.  Not all of the tracks, but enough that they were looking for another solution.

While I thought I had mentioned our use of a staple gun during the early part of the process, the issue now was getting them happy now.  I emailed them the stapler information I have written down: (I just wrote the info down provided by my sign guy)

Craftsmen 10 AMP (Sears #[I think} 968492 Easy Fire Staple & Nail Gun

Staples:  Narrow Crown Heavy Duty (Not Arrow – problems with the teeth)

  • 3/8″ Standard
  • 5/16″ Hardwood

Since the sign has gone up, they have ordered more track and more letters for another sign.  Either they mastered the caulking technique OR they bought a stapler like we suggested.


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