More Magnet Sign Images

IMG_20150420_191826-1 IMG_20150420_192311 IMG_20150420_192319 IMG_20150420_192328 IMG_20150420_192338 IMG_20150420_192348 IMG_20150420_192356

When I put the other magnet sign images up, the customer had not done the work on the letters yet.  By “work”, I mean the letters come on a sheet.  We cut all of the letters out with a plotter.  When the letters are done being cut, they are more “scored” then cut.  With a little folding of the magnet sheets, the letters will easily come out.  (If they don’t easily come out, they can be cut out with scissors.)

On the down side, we do ask the customers to cut out the magnet letters.  On the up side for them, all of the sheets have LOTS of extra fluorescent vinyl remaining once the letters are removed.  Our customers love the idea of using this excess magnet for punctuation (note the exclamation point above) or other “doo-dads” on their sign.  And, if you want magnet letters for any other purpose than magnet signs, we are happy to work with whatever requirements you may have.


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