My Three Signs

CIMG1171 CIMG1181


Besides a few other signs, these are my three signs right set up at the strip mall where our shop is at.  I share the shop with one of my customers.  It was quite a challenge smoothing things over when a number of my customers expressed concerns that they were not given access to the “front” sign location.  (The front sign location is the last sign location when going the other direction.) As I prepare to “kick” my “shop mate” to the back of the line, it has forced me to realize how strong perceptions are for your customers.  All of the signs are after the street my shop is off of when going north.  When going south, all of the signs come BEFORE the street for my shop.  (And, the locations of all of my customers.)  So, even if you can make a case to your customers that something doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if they believe something else is true.  My shop-mate is taking it in stride, too.

Another advantage in having all 3 signs available for this location is all sign rentals have to go through me–as long as I keep them full.  I sometimes have to adjust prices to keep them full, but it has worked so far!

Questions on setting up a rental business or renting a sign in Fort Worth?


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