We Really Do A Sign Change


When we call on a new customer, we often have to offer something that makes us “different”.  Selling on price is one thing we have done.  We also have been known to offer a “free sign change”.  Most months, the customer does not even want it.  They are content to let the sign run the entire month, and then try a new message the next month.  If we do get a new customer who asks for it (or in the case of the example above, Mother’s Day passes), the sign really needs to be changed.

After he emailed me the new message (I really did email him requested what message he wanted it changed to), we had the new message up in a couple of days.  Although one picture is taken facing North and the other from the South, the header remains unchanged for both messages.  (With headers you don’t  have to do them custom, but it does make things easier sometimes….especially if they will be regular customers.)


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