The Customers Wanted It…


When a customer asks for something, we try and be as accommodating as possible. And, when they want something where the sign results may disappoint them, we are obliged to let them know.

When this customer first approached me, she had a very long web address she wanted us to include on the sign.  Since the web address was so important to her, we did recommend she go to a website where she could get a shorter address to more easily fit on the sign.  The sign still has smaller letters then we like AND there could be a little confusion with the numbers and lower case letters in the web address.  The customer got what they wanted, and we believe we gave them the best sign we could based on their requirements.



While some sign companies may include quite a few graphics with their signs, we don’t usually make as much effort to do this.  The graphic may help grab their attention, but it is the text that tells them what they need to do.  When the customer approached us about this sign, we let them know their idea for graphics might be a problem.  They said, “No problem.  We will get them printed ourselves.”  So, they did.  And, we think there is enough message to get the customers where they need to go to convince this customer the sign will work for them!

Interested in your own sign in the DFW area OR would you like to start your own sign rental business?


Black Signs Great For Another Small Business


The calls keep coming in, and the signs keep going out.  Would your business benefit from a sign rental in the DFW area?  Maybe you are not in an area where Black Signs are available.  Hmmmm…you can buy one OR you can start a rental business….  Contact us if interested in either.


Vapers Are Good Customers



I am not a smoker myself, but black signs are an excellent investment if you are an e-cigarette shop.  In my part of Texas, it seems there is an e-cig shop in nearly every strip mall.  Sometimes, your next new customer just needs to know you are there to come into your shop.

So, whether you like them or not, if you are going to have a small rental business, be prepared to to rent to “friendly vapor” type of businesses.

New Signs This Week

This is a very good repeat customer. As you will see, the reflective vinyl stands out quite well at night!
New customer with lots to say….. And, we got most all of it on there! They wanted pink, green, and orange–we delivered!!

As we head into the real heat of a Texas summer, we have a few more signs to put up!


Recent Rental Signs

IMG_20150523_114912 IMG_20150601_180735 IMG_20150605_181451


When someone wants a rental sign, we are more than happy to work with them in whatever way they need us!

On the first sign above, we will use space above and below the sign.  Potential customers will have the info they need to make a decision if your sign applies to them.

For the middle sign, we created a vertical sign to both draw attention and effectively use the available space.

On the last sign, we took the same message the customer used the previous month with a small exception.  The sign worked so well, they wanted to “Happy Hour” special to be available only Mondays thru Thursday.

What type of sign do you need?  Do you need us to put you on a rotation?  Do you want to develop a marketing plan for your black signs?

Contact us!

We Really Do A Sign Change


When we call on a new customer, we often have to offer something that makes us “different”.  Selling on price is one thing we have done.  We also have been known to offer a “free sign change”.  Most months, the customer does not even want it.  They are content to let the sign run the entire month, and then try a new message the next month.  If we do get a new customer who asks for it (or in the case of the example above, Mother’s Day passes), the sign really needs to be changed.

After he emailed me the new message (I really did email him requested what message he wanted it changed to), we had the new message up in a couple of days.  Although one picture is taken facing North and the other from the South, the header remains unchanged for both messages.  (With headers you don’t  have to do them custom, but it does make things easier sometimes….especially if they will be regular customers.)

My Three Signs

CIMG1171 CIMG1181


Besides a few other signs, these are my three signs right set up at the strip mall where our shop is at.  I share the shop with one of my customers.  It was quite a challenge smoothing things over when a number of my customers expressed concerns that they were not given access to the “front” sign location.  (The front sign location is the last sign location when going the other direction.) As I prepare to “kick” my “shop mate” to the back of the line, it has forced me to realize how strong perceptions are for your customers.  All of the signs are after the street my shop is off of when going north.  When going south, all of the signs come BEFORE the street for my shop.  (And, the locations of all of my customers.)  So, even if you can make a case to your customers that something doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if they believe something else is true.  My shop-mate is taking it in stride, too.

Another advantage in having all 3 signs available for this location is all sign rentals have to go through me–as long as I keep them full.  I sometimes have to adjust prices to keep them full, but it has worked so far!

Questions on setting up a rental business or renting a sign in Fort Worth?

More Magnet Sign Images

IMG_20150420_191826-1 IMG_20150420_192311 IMG_20150420_192319 IMG_20150420_192328 IMG_20150420_192338 IMG_20150420_192348 IMG_20150420_192356

When I put the other magnet sign images up, the customer had not done the work on the letters yet.  By “work”, I mean the letters come on a sheet.  We cut all of the letters out with a plotter.  When the letters are done being cut, they are more “scored” then cut.  With a little folding of the magnet sheets, the letters will easily come out.  (If they don’t easily come out, they can be cut out with scissors.)

On the down side, we do ask the customers to cut out the magnet letters.  On the up side for them, all of the sheets have LOTS of extra fluorescent vinyl remaining once the letters are removed.  Our customers love the idea of using this excess magnet for punctuation (note the exclamation point above) or other “doo-dads” on their sign.  And, if you want magnet letters for any other purpose than magnet signs, we are happy to work with whatever requirements you may have.

New Magnet Sign Revealed

CIMG1097 CIMG1098 CIMG1099 CIMG1101 CIMG1103 CIMG1104

After a customer requested a magnet sign with a hinged front cage, we had to evaluate whether we wanted to take the challenge.  We have made magnet signs for various customers, but we were hesitant to build a magnet sign with a cage.  Although the patent for magnet signs kept us from doing this in the past, we were also concerned about creating a design that would allow the weight to be properly distributed over the sign.

After agreeing to build the sign, there were a variety of factors that went into the design.  We chose to use very common hinges and material when building the screen.  We didn’t want the sign to be so overwhelming that it could not be built by whoever wanted to start their own magnet sign rental business.  (Please confirm by your own research, but the patent on the magnet signs is very near [or has] expired at the time I am writing this.)  When the blueprints for the sign are available, they will be available to be purchase or as part of a letter package.

Interested in building your own rental signs OR considering letting us build them for you?

DIY Project – Bring Your Stapler

2015033195160900 2015033195160917

Spoke to a customer a couple of weeks ago.  They wanted to build their own sign.  So, we gave them the advice they needed.  We sold them the letter track and the letters.  And, we curiously waited to see if we would get a report of how it worked out.

A few days after we sent them their “stuff” we got these pictures.  The were very “happy” and “pleased” with the results.  In our busyness, we neglected to get the pictures up right away.  A couple days after the pictures arrived, we received a call.  The caulk they used to adhere the sign track to the board was pulling loose.  Not all of the tracks, but enough that they were looking for another solution.

While I thought I had mentioned our use of a staple gun during the early part of the process, the issue now was getting them happy now.  I emailed them the stapler information I have written down: (I just wrote the info down provided by my sign guy)

Craftsmen 10 AMP (Sears #[I think} 968492 Easy Fire Staple & Nail Gun

Staples:  Narrow Crown Heavy Duty (Not Arrow – problems with the teeth)

  • 3/8″ Standard
  • 5/16″ Hardwood

Since the sign has gone up, they have ordered more track and more letters for another sign.  Either they mastered the caulking technique OR they bought a stapler like we suggested.