Dealership Opportunities

Have you been considering opportunities to make additional monthly income?  Could your family or business benefit by having an extra $30,000(or more)/year of real money added to the bottom line?  If so, we suggest you consider purchasing 25 black signs and starting your own sign rental business.  Or, if you don’t want a rental business, you can purchase the black signs in bulk and sell them locally.

We are looking for ambitious individuals or businesses who would like to generate some additional income.  Many of our customers use sign rentals or sign sales as a way to maintain a steady income all year round.  If you are curious about this opportunity, please give us a call.  Not only do we sell the signs, but we also have had a rental business for a number of years.  We can provide you the guidance to get your business started.

Questions on dealerships or bulk sign purchases?  Call 817-891-1078.  If we are not there, please leave a message and we will get back to you.