More Magnet Sign Images

IMG_20150420_191826-1 IMG_20150420_192311 IMG_20150420_192319 IMG_20150420_192328 IMG_20150420_192338 IMG_20150420_192348 IMG_20150420_192356

When I put the other magnet sign images up, the customer had not done the work on the letters yet.  By “work”, I mean the letters come on a sheet.  We cut all of the letters out with a plotter.  When the letters are done being cut, they are more “scored” then cut.  With a little folding of the magnet sheets, the letters will easily come out.  (If they don’t easily come out, they can be cut out with scissors.)

On the down side, we do ask the customers to cut out the magnet letters.  On the up side for them, all of the sheets have LOTS of extra fluorescent vinyl remaining once the letters are removed.  Our customers love the idea of using this excess magnet for punctuation (note the exclamation point above) or other “doo-dads” on their sign.  And, if you want magnet letters for any other purpose than magnet signs, we are happy to work with whatever requirements you may have.


Specifications On Our Fluorescent Vinyl

The vinyl we use outlast any other vinyls we have tried.  It does cost more, but we believe its life span makes its cost well worth it.

We do stock 5 of the 6 standard colors:  (We do not stock the blue.  If requested, for a large enough order, we could also stock.  The fluorescent blue is really to dark to show up well on black, but it would work on white coroplast.)

  • Yellow
  • Pink (Fuchsia)
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green




The Neons are a high performance cast vinyl fluorescent film series providing dynamic graphic accents for indoor and outdoor uses. It can be used for marine applications, automotive aftermarket windshield graphics and accent strips, retail window signage, trade show exhibits, and point-of-purchase displays.


  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Point-of-purchase displays


  • Unique colorant system for enhanced visual impact and exceptional opacity
  • 6 Standard colors


  • Color and Finish 3.8 mil High Gloss cast vinyl
  • Adhesive Permanent Acrylic (528A Adhesive)
  • Liner 78# Kraft


  • Average Adhesion Values 20 min. 24 hr.
  • (PSTC-1, 180° peel @ 10”/min., 73°F, on Stainless Steel) 50 oz. 72 oz.
  • Minimum Application Temperature 40°F
  • Service Temperature Range (peak values) -50°F to +225°F
  • Elongation 80%
  • Dimensional Stability (48 hrs. @ 150°F) .025”
  • Shelf Life (@ 73°F, 50% RH) 1 year
  • Outdoor Life 2 years for vertical exposure in a temperate climate. Exposures less than vertical or in hot climates or near sources of heat such as engines will reduce durability


  • Distilled water (24 hrs) No effect
  • SAE 20 motor oil (1hr) No effect
  • Gasoline (10 min.) No effect
  • 10% HCL (10 min.) No effect
  • 10% NH4OH (10 min.) No effect
  • The above information is based on research believed to be reliable, but does not constitute a warranty.
  • All material should be tested by the purchaser to determine suitability of the product for their purposes.


Elegant Image Rental Sign

IMG_20150302_205753 IMG_20150302_205731

We just put up a sign for Elegant Image.  They chose to have a different message on both sides of the sign.  Half way through the month they have requested we flip the message.  (This will allow both directions to see the a different message for half of the month.

Also, notice what reflective vinyl can do when it is used for arrows!  It is like you are receiving subliminal nudging telling you to go to this business.

Interested in renting in DFW OR interested in setting up your own rental business?  Contact us!

Ten Inch Letter Sets



Recently, we had a little confusion with a customer.  They ordered our 10 inch letter set.  (Our letter panel is 10 inches, and the actual letter is 9 inches.  Our 8 inch letters have a panel of 7 15/16th inches with a letter of about 7 inches.  The 16 inch and 20 inch letters work out similarly.)  After they received our letters, we received an email back from them saying, “They don’t fit.”  Once they sent a sample of their existing letter set, it all made sense.

Our letter sets are made with black coroplast and a heavy duty fluorescent vinyl.  The black letter panels are cut to the correct size and the plotter-cut fluorescent vinyl is applied to the letter panel.  (See the smaller “N” above.”)  Another way of providing similar letters involves using a printer.  The letter above on the right is done on a printer.  It is printed on white coroplast.  The letters I sell are the letter sets developed by the gentlemen who held the black sign patent. (#6,108,955)

Bottom Line:  Both letter sets will work, but do to the printing process, the vinyl letter is likely to take a longer time to fade.  (Possible lasting 3 or 4 times longer)  SignsSeen can do different fonts on our letters sets.  If you are interested, please contact us!