We Really Do A Sign Change


When we call on a new customer, we often have to offer something that makes us “different”.  Selling on price is one thing we have done.  We also have been known to offer a “free sign change”.  Most months, the customer does not even want it.  They are content to let the sign run the entire month, and then try a new message the next month.  If we do get a new customer who asks for it (or in the case of the example above, Mother’s Day passes), the sign really needs to be changed.

After he emailed me the new message (I really did email him requested what message he wanted it changed to), we had the new message up in a couple of days.  Although one picture is taken facing North and the other from the South, the header remains unchanged for both messages.  (With headers you don’t  have to do them custom, but it does make things easier sometimes….especially if they will be regular customers.)


My Three Signs

CIMG1171 CIMG1181


Besides a few other signs, these are my three signs right set up at the strip mall where our shop is at.  I share the shop with one of my customers.  It was quite a challenge smoothing things over when a number of my customers expressed concerns that they were not given access to the “front” sign location.  (The front sign location is the last sign location when going the other direction.) As I prepare to “kick” my “shop mate” to the back of the line, it has forced me to realize how strong perceptions are for your customers.  All of the signs are after the street my shop is off of when going north.  When going south, all of the signs come BEFORE the street for my shop.  (And, the locations of all of my customers.)  So, even if you can make a case to your customers that something doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if they believe something else is true.  My shop-mate is taking it in stride, too.

Another advantage in having all 3 signs available for this location is all sign rentals have to go through me–as long as I keep them full.  I sometimes have to adjust prices to keep them full, but it has worked so far!

Questions on setting up a rental business or renting a sign in Fort Worth?

Give Them What They Want



Sometimes a customer wants something a little bit different.  Sometimes you may try and tell them your pride is on the line if you put up a message that looks like you ran out of letters.  And, sometimes they are just proving to you they have some creativity in creating their messages.  This message is one of those situations.  The customer is highlighting “IRS” and tax day in the middle of the month.  If there is any “sign code” here, it is an obvious one.

What if your customer wants a message that to you looks disjointed and lacking cohesion?  You can provide a little bit of guidance, but ultimately, it is there message.  If they mess it up, you can pull out the part of the sales pitch we don’t often broadcast, “If wanted, we provide one free message change during the month.”   Since the goal is a happy customer, you need to make them happy.  Next time they consider a message offending your sign logic, you can use some of those credibility points you one for not charging them for the message change.  (This customer has been renting for quite a while.   They knew what they wanted.)


Not Always A Perfect Time To Put Up A Sign



Set up a new customer today with a rental sign.  We wanted to get them set up yesterday, but it was just to windy.  When the wind chooses to gust on a sign that isn’t anchored down, it is definitely not a one man job.  Whether it is the sign getting caught by the wind or the letters getting blown erratically as you attempt to attach them to the sign face, wind is typically not your friend.

Now, the sign is up and the customer is mostly happy.  We offer one sign change per month.  Her original message request did NOT have “Nails” on the second line.  We can add it, but we won’t offer her an additional message change later in the month.  (Rarely do customers ask for the message change.  We just use it as a benefit should they choose to use it.)

Take aways:

  • Avoid the gusty wind–when possible.
  • When the customer gives you a message, have them email it to you.  If there are any message errors, you can use there original email to compare against.

Track or Trackless?

I have seen both tracked and untracked sign out there.  Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages.  (If you buy your signs from us, we typically sell them tracked.  The trackless option would be if you would want to build your own signs.)

Why you should have a tracked sign:

  1. It keeps all of the letters running straight.
  2. It helps the letters have a little support against the wind.  If the letters are tucked into the track, the wind has to work a little harder to blow them off.  (We recommend a screw with a big head on the top right corner. [Sheet Metal Screws, #21500, #8-1/2″ screw.  They are in the fastener Aisle at Lowes. {Brand name: Teks Screws}])

Advantages of no track signs:

  1. Less work to build the sign.  (More work setting up the sign message.  Each letter will probably need at least 2 letters.)
  2. You can use any combination of letters on the same sign.  Our common sign letters are 8″, 10″, 16″ and 20″.  The lack of track will allow you to mix all sign letters on the same sign.  (Although you CAN do this, it doesn’t mean you should.  It is likely to create a sign that is excessively busy.  To many sizes may make the sign too hard to easily read–especially within the same word.)

I realize I am lean someone toward going with track.  My opinion.  I have sold letters to customers who built there own signs.  Usually if this is done, the customer is still making an effort to make sure the letters run straight on the sign.  When building a sign, you can make whatever decision you want on how you want to build YOUR sign.

Signs Go Up At Night


We seem to put all of our signs up while it is dark, or is just dark more often then it used to be?  As with all of our other black signs with fluorescent letters, we DARE your customers not to notice them!  Sewing World has been asking for this sign for a couple of days (we had to have the sign permit in Ft Worth before we could put the sign up).  I believe they will very pleased when they see it in the morning!

Interested in a black sign rental in the Fort Worth, Texas area?  Interested in anything else we talk about?  We look forward to helping you with any of your signage or rental needs