Not Always A Perfect Time To Put Up A Sign



Set up a new customer today with a rental sign.  We wanted to get them set up yesterday, but it was just to windy.  When the wind chooses to gust on a sign that isn’t anchored down, it is definitely not a one man job.  Whether it is the sign getting caught by the wind or the letters getting blown erratically as you attempt to attach them to the sign face, wind is typically not your friend.

Now, the sign is up and the customer is mostly happy.  We offer one sign change per month.  Her original message request did NOT have “Nails” on the second line.  We can add it, but we won’t offer her an additional message change later in the month.  (Rarely do customers ask for the message change.  We just use it as a benefit should they choose to use it.)

Take aways:

  • Avoid the gusty wind–when possible.
  • When the customer gives you a message, have them email it to you.  If there are any message errors, you can use there original email to compare against.

Elegant Image Rental Sign

IMG_20150302_205753 IMG_20150302_205731

We just put up a sign for Elegant Image.  They chose to have a different message on both sides of the sign.  Half way through the month they have requested we flip the message.  (This will allow both directions to see the a different message for half of the month.

Also, notice what reflective vinyl can do when it is used for arrows!  It is like you are receiving subliminal nudging telling you to go to this business.

Interested in renting in DFW OR interested in setting up your own rental business?  Contact us!

Custom Headers



This North Dakota customer should be happy with the surprise they will find in their order for a 4′ x 6′ sign when it arrives.  This pizza chain used to be a customer, so we had their logo stored on the computer that operates the plotter.  It took a little more work, but we are pretty confident the customer will be pleased with the result!

Merle Norman Sign



Just got our sign up for Merle Norman.  We appreciate having them as a customer!

One challenge I continue to face is juggling the needs of customers who are wanting the same sign at the same time.  Merle Norman wanted their sign a week earlier, but I didn’t have a sign location at the mall they are located at.  Once they were able to admit, “It needs to be up by Valentine’s Day.”, we were on the way to keeping both customers happy.  Black Signs are not for every business, but if you want potential customers to know where you are at, the black sign will get their attention!

Three Customers

CIMG0355 CIMG0356 CIMG0358CIMG0359

Not the “prime” time to start a sign rental business, but we are still going! I have a new sign going out this week, and we are getting more built as we gear up for the beginning of the year.  (It typically needs to get a little warm before things start getting busier.)

The arrows are made from the reflective vinyl I purchased directly from China.  We continue to offer the brightest letters, unique letter options, and one message change when renting from us. Interested in a sign rental in west Fort Worth?