Signs Go Up At Night


We seem to put all of our signs up while it is dark, or is just dark more often then it used to be?  As with all of our other black signs with fluorescent letters, we DARE your customers not to notice them!  Sewing World has been asking for this sign for a couple of days (we had to have the sign permit in Ft Worth before we could put the sign up).  I believe they will very pleased when they see it in the morning!

Interested in a black sign rental in the Fort Worth, Texas area?  Interested in anything else we talk about?  We look forward to helping you with any of your signage or rental needs


Merle Norman Sign



Just got our sign up for Merle Norman.  We appreciate having them as a customer!

One challenge I continue to face is juggling the needs of customers who are wanting the same sign at the same time.  Merle Norman wanted their sign a week earlier, but I didn’t have a sign location at the mall they are located at.  Once they were able to admit, “It needs to be up by Valentine’s Day.”, we were on the way to keeping both customers happy.  Black Signs are not for every business, but if you want potential customers to know where you are at, the black sign will get their attention!

Ten Inch Letter Sets



Recently, we had a little confusion with a customer.  They ordered our 10 inch letter set.  (Our letter panel is 10 inches, and the actual letter is 9 inches.  Our 8 inch letters have a panel of 7 15/16th inches with a letter of about 7 inches.  The 16 inch and 20 inch letters work out similarly.)  After they received our letters, we received an email back from them saying, “They don’t fit.”  Once they sent a sample of their existing letter set, it all made sense.

Our letter sets are made with black coroplast and a heavy duty fluorescent vinyl.  The black letter panels are cut to the correct size and the plotter-cut fluorescent vinyl is applied to the letter panel.  (See the smaller “N” above.”)  Another way of providing similar letters involves using a printer.  The letter above on the right is done on a printer.  It is printed on white coroplast.  The letters I sell are the letter sets developed by the gentlemen who held the black sign patent. (#6,108,955)

Bottom Line:  Both letter sets will work, but do to the printing process, the vinyl letter is likely to take a longer time to fade.  (Possible lasting 3 or 4 times longer)  SignsSeen can do different fonts on our letters sets.  If you are interested, please contact us!

Three Customers

CIMG0355 CIMG0356 CIMG0358CIMG0359

Not the “prime” time to start a sign rental business, but we are still going! I have a new sign going out this week, and we are getting more built as we gear up for the beginning of the year.  (It typically needs to get a little warm before things start getting busier.)

The arrows are made from the reflective vinyl I purchased directly from China.  We continue to offer the brightest letters, unique letter options, and one message change when renting from us. Interested in a sign rental in west Fort Worth?