New Magnet Sign Revealed

CIMG1097 CIMG1098 CIMG1099 CIMG1101 CIMG1103 CIMG1104

After a customer requested a magnet sign with a hinged front cage, we had to evaluate whether we wanted to take the challenge.  We have made magnet signs for various customers, but we were hesitant to build a magnet sign with a cage.  Although the patent for magnet signs kept us from doing this in the past, we were also concerned about creating a design that would allow the weight to be properly distributed over the sign.

After agreeing to build the sign, there were a variety of factors that went into the design.  We chose to use very common hinges and material when building the screen.  We didn’t want the sign to be so overwhelming that it could not be built by whoever wanted to start their own magnet sign rental business.  (Please confirm by your own research, but the patent on the magnet signs is very near [or has] expired at the time I am writing this.)  When the blueprints for the sign are available, they will be available to be purchase or as part of a letter package.

Interested in building your own rental signs OR considering letting us build them for you?


Plastic Letter Sizes



Over the years, a variety of sizes of black sign letters have been made.  The above image packs in LOTS of information.

  1. There are basically “two” sizes of letters.  There are the 8 inch (7 7/8″ letters and the 16″ letters which are approximately double the size.  The 16″ letters take up twice the height of the 8″ letters while “skipping” the track.) and 10 inch.  (Same as the 8″ letters, but the letters are 10″ and 20.5″.)
  2. When the letter sets are created, there are 3 sizes of coroplast that are needed.
    • The “R” size is used by almost ALL of the letters and most numbers and most symbols.
    • The “I” is used for one letter/number and a couple of symbols.
    • The “M” is used for only the M.  It is our widest letter.
  3. There is also a 4″ and a 5″ letter set on the list.  Those were used for our sidewalk signs and banners.  Unless your our TOTALLY duplicating our business, it probably won’t be of much need to you.
  4. On the image with the letters, the contrast is seen between the size of the letter panel and the actual letter.  (The letter panel is the piece of coroplast the letter is attached to.  The letter is the vinyl letter attached to the coroplast.)
    • On the 20 inch letter [actually 20.5 inches tall], the letter is 18 inches tall.
    • On the 16″ letter, the letter is 14 inches tall.
    • On the 10″ letter, the letter is 9 inches tall.
    • On the 8″ letter [actually 7 7/8 inches tall], the letter is 7 inches tall.

There is more of this detailed stuff to post, but hopefully this gets us a common set of terminology.

Three Customers

CIMG0355 CIMG0356 CIMG0358CIMG0359

Not the “prime” time to start a sign rental business, but we are still going! I have a new sign going out this week, and we are getting more built as we gear up for the beginning of the year.  (It typically needs to get a little warm before things start getting busier.)

The arrows are made from the reflective vinyl I purchased directly from China.  We continue to offer the brightest letters, unique letter options, and one message change when renting from us. Interested in a sign rental in west Fort Worth?