Track or Trackless?

I have seen both tracked and untracked sign out there.  Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages.  (If you buy your signs from us, we typically sell them tracked.  The trackless option would be if you would want to build your own signs.)

Why you should have a tracked sign:

  1. It keeps all of the letters running straight.
  2. It helps the letters have a little support against the wind.  If the letters are tucked into the track, the wind has to work a little harder to blow them off.  (We recommend a screw with a big head on the top right corner. [Sheet Metal Screws, #21500, #8-1/2″ screw.  They are in the fastener Aisle at Lowes. {Brand name: Teks Screws}])

Advantages of no track signs:

  1. Less work to build the sign.  (More work setting up the sign message.  Each letter will probably need at least 2 letters.)
  2. You can use any combination of letters on the same sign.  Our common sign letters are 8″, 10″, 16″ and 20″.  The lack of track will allow you to mix all sign letters on the same sign.  (Although you CAN do this, it doesn’t mean you should.  It is likely to create a sign that is excessively busy.  To many sizes may make the sign too hard to easily read–especially within the same word.)

I realize I am lean someone toward going with track.  My opinion.  I have sold letters to customers who built there own signs.  Usually if this is done, the customer is still making an effort to make sure the letters run straight on the sign.  When building a sign, you can make whatever decision you want on how you want to build YOUR sign.


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