The Customers Wanted It…


When a customer asks for something, we try and be as accommodating as possible. And, when they want something where the sign results may disappoint them, we are obliged to let them know.

When this customer first approached me, she had a very long web address she wanted us to include on the sign.  Since the web address was so important to her, we did recommend she go to a website where she could get a shorter address to more easily fit on the sign.  The sign still has smaller letters then we like AND there could be a little confusion with the numbers and lower case letters in the web address.  The customer got what they wanted, and we believe we gave them the best sign we could based on their requirements.



While some sign companies may include quite a few graphics with their signs, we don’t usually make as much effort to do this.  The graphic may help grab their attention, but it is the text that tells them what they need to do.  When the customer approached us about this sign, we let them know their idea for graphics might be a problem.  They said, “No problem.  We will get them printed ourselves.”  So, they did.  And, we think there is enough message to get the customers where they need to go to convince this customer the sign will work for them!

Interested in your own sign in the DFW area OR would you like to start your own sign rental business?


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